Support for Personal Growth & Learning

Mindvalley is very much focused on the personal growth of their employees. So much so that 20% of them who have been in the company for 2 years or more ends up becoming an entrepreneur, half of which are funded by Mindvalley. It begins at the Induction Period, where employees are introduced to the concept of “life planning”, so that they consider the quality of their life over their career. This is introduced through an exercise called the “3 Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself”. In it employees list out what they want to experience in life, how they want to grow and how they want to contribute to humanity and the world. These lists are printed out and posted up on the Mindvalley Dream Wall, almost a blueprint into their souls as they state down their hopes and their dreams.

Employees are also given a 45/5 workweek, which we refer to as Flexitime, where 5 hours out of the 45 are dedicated to learning and growing themselves. They could be curled up in bed for five hours on a Friday to complete a book on personal growth and still get paid for this time.

In addition, everyone is given free access to over a hundred programs on the Mindvalley Academy, the consumption platform and storefront for all our personal growth products, worth thousands of dollars. The activities and challenges that we organize during our team retreat (as explained earlier) also contribute greatly to their growth in the company. In fact, it was our private team retreat that sparked the idea of Awesomeness Fest, which many of our employees get to attend as volunteers or as sponsored by the company and are exposed to international personal growth leaders, masters and thinkers.