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We are a league of GameChangers leading a new era in business, because the profit at all cost model of business just isn’t working. We find and rank the top for-benefit businesses in the world, share their world-class practices, and use gaming dynamics to enroll organizations into the for-benefit model of business. We are on a mission to create a critical mass of for-benefit businesses in every major city in the world.

In 2010 Andrew Hewitt had the idea to replace the Fortune 500 with a ranking of the world’s top purpose-driven companies, which eventually became GameChangers 500. This work received much fanfare from media such as BBC World News and Forbes, and lead Andrew to share his research at premier institutions such as Harvard, the United Nations University for Peace, and the Social Entrepreneurship World Forum. Through this intensive research journey Andrew was invited to join 180+ thought leaders in business to form the Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative (FSMI); an advisory council to guide the global advancement of for-benefit enterprises. As a result, has been built to act as a searchable global database of for-benefit businesses, their practices, and the experts who support their growth.

GC500 is an annual ranking of the world’s top for-benefit businesses, published by Conscious Company magazine and shared by a growing list of global media partners. Lists like the Fortune 500 have implied that success in business is based on maximizing revenue. By creating GameChangers 500 we are building aspiration for a new breed of organizations—organizations that define themselves as For-Benefit rather than For-Profit, and utilize business to not only make money but to also make the world a better place.

If you think there is an organization that we should know about, click here and let us know. We’ll reach out.

Join the league of GameChangers by first declaring your commitment to maximize benefit through business by signing the GameChangers Declaration.

We will notify you once our platform is out of beta in Fall 2017 and accepting public enrollment.

Once out of beta, any individual anywhere in the world will be able to join the game by downloading the GameChangers Unite App. The true GameChangers of our time are the people with love burning in their heart to build a more beautiful world. Whether they’ve been activated through an awakening the dreamer symposium, are a millennial who craves to create more impact through their job, or an expert who wants to share their wisdom, they can use the GameChangers Unite app to make their contribution felt.

The GameChangers Unite App is a new innovation that engages employees to share how their companies care and see if their organization qualifies as for-benefit. Using a multi-million dollar gamification engine, this App unites “GameChangers” across companies to learn, connect, and share best practices on how they are using business to build a better world. Points and prizes are awarded for employee engagement, and the practices shared help the participating companies earn a spot on GameChangers 500 – a ranking of the world’s top for-benefit businesses.

To qualify for the GameChangers 500, an organization must earn enough points to be verified as a for-benefit business; proving it exists for a purpose beyond profit.

There is no cost to qualify for GameChangers. It is entirely merit based to ensure the organizations that deserve the recognition are included, rather than just the companies wanting to pay for a PR boost.

Being a GameChanger in business means disrupting the traditional objective of maximizing profit, by proving that purpose and profit can co-exist. This is what’s called a for-benefit organization.

A for-benefit organization is organized and operated to:

1) Generate one or more social or environmental benefits as its primary purpose.

2) Generate the majority of its revenue from the sale of goods or services in the marketplace.

Click here to see the stats and studies making the business case for leading with purpose.

Click here for the four steps to demonstrate your for-benefit values. These are the steps we look for when qualifying an organization as for-benefit on The GameChangers Unite app will guide and incentivize individuals and organizations through this process. Stay tuned for its launch out of beta!

Until future legislation is passed, we classify both purpose-driven for-profits and enterprising non-profits as For-Benefit organizations. Regardless of legal structure, the organization must demonstrate that the majority of its income is earned revenue (rather than grants or donations), and therefore that it uses an enterprising model to maximize benefit to people and the planet.

B Corps are organizations that have received a third-party certification by a non-profit organization called B Labs. The certification doesn’t require the organization to have social or environmental benefits as its primary purpose; it focuses on whether a company makes a material positive impact on society and the environment and meets certain standards of accountability and transparency. That said, there are numerous B Corp certified companies that meet the definition of a for-benefit. You can search for them on our Companies page!

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