The Un-Conference Addressing Poverty

Opportunity Collaboration is an un-conference, a working business retreat, and a completely innovative approach to establishing solutions to poverty. This GameChanger is predicated on the powerful idea that out of fragmentation can come collaboration, from diversity can come unity and from cross-fertilization can come innovation.

Jonathan Lewis decided to do something about this market gap and launched Opportunity Collaboration with a policy of doing just the opposite of what most other conferences do. Hence, their policy of no plenary speeches, no structured panels and no PowerPoint’s. They stop windy speeches by not allowing any speeches at all. No one can sponsor his or her way onto the program. All programs are open to all Delegates; no big kids’ tables and little kids’ tables – no off agenda, invitation-only meetings. The fee covers all expenses so no one has to play power games over who picks up the check or worry about hidden expenses. All Delegates are supported and showcased equally. Oh…and did we mention that they host it at a 300 room, all-inclusive resort in Mexico where Delegates are constantly interacting in and out of sessions?

By attending an Opportunity Collaboration event, you’ll be exposed to their best practice of a Colloquium for the Common Good. For example, to help delegates deeply reflect on the nature of their work and self-leadership they begin the conference by facilitating delegates through a process of open and authentic dialogue on a variety of personal and poverty alleviation topics. Often called an “un-conference”, Opportunity Collaboration breaks the rules of tradition events to ensure collaboration and friendships take root.