Improving Overall Health for the World and Their Team

We live in a world consumed by unhealthy eating options and messages filled with pessimism and narcissism. However, what if this isn’t actually the truth, but a distorted reality pushed upon as by mainstream media? Even further, what if there was a company changing the game by countering this messages with a mission to improve overall health and happiness?

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is this answer.

With a mission to change the world by changing the way people eat, and in turn improve overall health and happiness, GameChangers 500 recognizes this org as one of the top 500 purpose-driven organizations in the world.

We especially admire their best practice of team retreats. Every year they take their entire staff on a team retreat out of the city. Last year they went to Kripalu in Western Massachusetts and this year they’re heading to the sandy beaches of South Beach for some R&R. It’s so important to them that their employees feel appreciated and empowered. Getting out of the fast paced life in NYC has been an excellent way to recharge, boost moral and bond as a team.