We Encourage Role Customization & Provide Mentorship

Because employee growth and transparency are important to us at Mindvalley, most of our meetings are open for anyone to attend regardless of their current teams. Employees are also encouraged to customize their own roles in the company to develop their skills – even if it means joining a new team and a new department (Customer Support to Marketing, Project Management to Copywriting). Mentorship is also given by the leaders of the respective teams.

We conduct a quarterly or biannual feedback session that gathers comments from managers and key fellow co-workers in their role so that feedback isn’t just limited to their immediate superiors but also the peers they work closely with (we believe this makes it fair). During these feedback sessions, the following are highlighted: positive traits and qualities of the employee, areas in which the employee can improve on (including how the employee can work better with the feedback giver) and suggestions on the next steps the employee can take to make the most out of his or her experience and growth in the company.