Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging material is a minimum of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard with 30% post consumer, although most are 100% post-consumer waste. Our packaging peanuts are made of plant based materials (dissolve in water) or salvaged and cleaned from other companies that we collect from inbound materials. Our plastic pallet wrap is recyclable. Our bottle shipper cases are completely recyclable, non-petroleum based, and made of 100% post consumer recycled corrugated board. This is a first in the industry – we are proud to say we pioneered these new boxes!

Our mate tea boxes consist of recycled paperboard with 35% minimum post-consumer waste and are printed with vegetable inks. Our bulk loose mate and tea bags are wrapped in sustainably sourced tree pulp cellulose which completely degrade in 180 days and are printed with water-based inks.

All invoices, flyers, brochures and other paper materials printed for our customers and vendors are 100% recycled post consumer waste material or the highest post consumer content available. We will never use virgin paper materials in anything we print for our business. In our offices, we recycle, reuse, and reduce as a daily practice. We use real dishes and cups (and gourds) and wash them instead of using paper or plastic.