Global Alignment With Our Employees

Miya was established by Shari Arison in 2008, through Arison Investments, to influence and bring about positive change on a global level, with the vision of ensuring an abundance of fresh water through efficient management of our existing resources. Ms. Arison’s mission statement is to be a catalyst for bringing about positive change to people, society, the community and planet. Miya is the expression of a desire to invest in a necessary and abundant human resource, to assure access to clean water for as many people as possible around the globe.

Miya mission and values poster was translated into the relevant languages for offices around the world so that all Miya employees connect with our over-arching goals. Each office met to sign on to the vision, mission and values, which is hanging in the shared space of offices to ensure that all of Miya around the globe remains on the same page.

Miya HQ employees participate in forums through our parent company on the various values related to the Doing Good Model by Shari Arison and the Arison Group, an integral part of her vision for Arison Group. Some of these forums include Language & Communication, Financial Freedom, and Volunteering. Through these forums, personnel participate in workshops, exchange ideas with other Arison Group companies and then implement values-based activities within Miya Group worldwide. In this manner, Ms. Arison’s value-based vision for business is spread via empowered employees to all of the Miya Group.