Positive, Healthy Work Environment

At Miya, each employee has his/her own office with lots of daylight a view into a main arts area into the city. When Miya upgraded its current facility, employees all received ergonomic chairs, following a workshop a few years ago on proper working posture.

We’ve installed bamboo floors in all of our offices. Bamboo flooring is considered the sustainable option, in place of hard-wood floors, as bamboo is actually a grass and thus able to quickly replenish itself. It is also anti-bacterial, water-resistant and highly durable.

We have a fully stocked kitchen with fruits and vegetables, bread, dairy products, etc. Every morning, fruit is cut for everyone in the office; employees are encouraged to eat healthy and also offers lectures on nutrition and health.

Miya’s building contains an on-site gym with optional trainer services available to all employees. Our facility also offers a gathering hall and an auditorium with movie theater capabilities. These facilities are available in coordination with other Arison group companies for all Miya events and also host workshops and lectures offered to all employees.