So Much Renewable Energy

Recology has helped San Francisco achieve an 80 percent landfill diversion rate, setting national recycling and compost rate records as the highest of any city in North America.

Recology is on a mission to redefine the waste industry by making the best and highest use of all resources. In turn, finding new ways to process and reuse what was once considered waste.

One of their best practices is their focus on renewable energy. To reduce their carbon imprint, Recology has implemented the following renewable energy initiatives:

• Compressed natural gas (CNG) is used to heat offices through a number of stationary HVAC systems.

• CNG powers many Recology trucks, reducing emissions and noise levels.

• Recology Oregon Recovery participates in the PGE Clean Wind program, maintaining the Gold subscription level. The facility is 100% powered by wind generated in Oregon.

• Recology’s Pier 96 recycling facility in San Francisco is powered by solar panels.