Cultivating Good Water

The Cultivating Good Water program is based on national and planetary documents and promotes the company’s social-environmental initiatives related to the conservation of natural resources. Its focus is on the quality and quantity of water and on people’s quality of life. The name Cultivating Good Water highlights the idea that, just like we cultivate the soil so that it gives good fruit, so does water require “cultivation”, or care, to remain plentiful and with quality now and forever. It is a permanent participation movement in which Itaipu, besides mitigating and correcting environmental liabilities, works alongside society to change its values.

1. What to Change – Ways of being/feeling – through a comprehensive process of awareness raising, information and formal and informal education, it seeks to change concepts and values, feelings and beliefs, guided by the ethics of care.

2. Ways of living – seeks to alter people’s relationship with their environment, with nature, with natural resources, how they are used in a sustainable way to meet human needs, having water as its essence.

3. Ways of producing – seeks to establish the culture of and provide the necessary technology for sustainable, healthy production processes.

4. Ways of consuming – encourages the change in people’s consumer habits, both in quantitative and qualitative terms in line with the sustainability concept.

5. Where to Take Action – The program has defined as its working territory nature’s planning unit, the Watershed. Deriving from this concept, the area of influence of Itaipu’s direct work has expanded from the 16 surrounding cities that were flooded to some extent by the power plant reservoir on the Brazilian side to the 29 cities of the Paraná Watershed 3 (BP3) To learn more about see: