Creating Local Capacity

“They come in, they train locals, they transfer that technology, and then they let them loose. At the end of 10 years, we’ll have a trained workforce to continue the work.”
– WSC General Manager Glen Laville to the New York Times.

Miya’s projects all work based on the value of glocalizing: bringing in knowledge and skills to enrich local talent. With this in mind, Miya experts start a project in a new city by hiring local engineers to begin working with them. Miya trains these engineers in specific water efficiency activities, such as active leak detection and pressure management. Over the course of a project, a team is built that will be capable and knowledgeable to maintain efficiency targets long after the contract ends, a sustainable benefit of Miya’s projects that is interlaced into their design from the outset.

In Manila, Philippines, an entire department was created to carry out efficiency work. Over the course of the six years Miya has partnered with Maynilad, the west zone Manila utility, over 450 Filipino engineers have been trained and certified to keep working when the contract ends. In the Bahamas, in just the first year of the project, over 100 Bahamians are involved in the project.