Supporting Biodiversity, Our Heritage

Itaipu’s concern with the environment comes from the implementation of the plant project. Several biodiversity protection measures were being developed, aiming above all to ensure the perpetuation and genetic diversity of flora and fauna of the Paraná Basin. Itaipu maintains eight biological reserves and sanctuaries located in Brazil and Paraguay. The protected area, which includes native forest and patches of reforestation, totals 41 hectares.

In Brazil there are the Bela Vista Biological and St. Helena Sanctuary’s, while Paraguay manages the Itabó and Limoy Biological Reserves, and the Biological Sanctuary’s of Carapa, Tati Yupi Yui and Rupa, and together with the Binational Maracaju Biological Sanctuary. Taken together with the full protection of the reservoir, the Itaipu protected areas total over 100,000 hectares. Besides the protection of vast areas of forest species typical of the region, Itaipu produces seedlings that are provided for the entire Paraná River Basin Part 3 (the part of the basin which is connected with the reservoir).

Since 2003, the company allocated more than 2.9 million seedlings for the region. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that in 2007, the Binational had participated in the global campaign of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to plant 1 billion trees worldwide. The campaign was so successful that it has already surpassed 7 billion. The company’s contribution to this success was half a million seedlings.