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Why we are in business

Our Purpose

What started as a single clinic has now blossomed into building 250 clinics around the world- virtually repairing the poverty statistics of the 1.8 billion people who live under $1.25 per day.

The OneMama Organization was developed into a blended model from personal and professional experiences of founder Siobhan Neilland. OneMama was founded in 2008 by social entrepreneur and catalyst to global change – Siobhan Neilland – after overcoming her own adversity of losing her baby and traveling abroad to heal herself.

For over ten years, Siobhan has worked as a staffing consultant for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies; and has since taken those for profit methodologies to build the OneMama non-profit model. Established as a self-sustaining medical clinic that promotes safe birthing environments, family and financial planning, as well as trade craft and agricultural education, the OneMama Organization provides a jumpstart to impoverished communities’ economic sustainability.

How we operate

Our Practices

We strive to operate our business in a way that maximizes benefit to all life impacted, and to share our practices to inspire other companies to do the same.


Caring Through

Caring for mission-aligned causes by generously sharing business resources such as your products and services, meeting space, excess materials, media exposure, company best practices, and employee time and talent.


Activate Your OneMama Super Powers!

Activate Your OneMama Super Powers!

     • Care for the children of the earth, as if each were our only child
     • Take Action to end injustice and defend innocence
     • Fight for Joy in our lives and the lives of others
     • Extend a Hand respectfully to those in need
     • Allow Others to reach out to us, and teach us all how to gratefully receive
     • Guard our precious planet

We are all OneMama living on OneMother Earth

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Where to find us

Head Office Address:

2261 Market St #128 San Francisco, CA 94114


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