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Why we are in business

Our Purpose

Through our pioneering product innovation and our strong growth, New Leaf Paper is recognized as the most environmentally sustainable paper company in North America. Every New Leaf product is manufactured to the highest environmental and quality standards, propelling the New Leaf brand to the leading green brand position in the industry. The company track record, visionary leadership, and authenticity have attracted a robust and diverse customer base – Fortune 500 corporations, leading green businesses, top environmental organizations, and companies of all shapes and sizes that want to do the right thing.

New Leaf Paper helps businesses, non-profits, governments and people become more environmentally responsible through the paper they use. The San Francisco – based company develops and distributes North America’s largest selection of premium and everyday printing, writing, publishing and packaging papers featuring up to 100% post consumer waste content. These affordably priced, best-in-class coated and uncoated papers are sold direct and through top distributors.

New Leaf Paper products substantially reduce consumption of trees and never contain fiber from protected or endangered forests. When substituted for low – or no-PCW content papers, they also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generate less solid waste, and reduce water and energy consumption.
New Leaf Paper was founded in 1998 to spur change in the North American paper industry, which had resisted efforts to integrate sustainability into their operations and products. The company’s success in producing high PCW papers with unmatched quality and print fidelity brought new and demonstrable sustainability advantages to customers. That success also prompted competitors to begin making their papers more environmentally responsible.

How we operate

Our Practices

We strive to operate our business in a way that maximizes benefit to all life impacted, and to share our practices to inspire other companies to do the same.

What we impact

Our Performance


Why you would want to work for our company

Authentic leadership:
We are 100% committed to our mission of leading a shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. We achieve positive change through vision and action, partnership and transparency, and consistency of words and deeds. We focus on solutions, empowering our customers to make paper choices in line with their values, and to communicate these values to the greater community.

Environmental innovation:
Environmental innovation is our primary means to serve our mission. Each time we successfully launch beautiful, affordable paper products with leading environmental specifications, we create new markets.
Our experience has shown that investment follows demand, and that environmentally conscious markets will drive a redesign of the paper industry to incorporate the principles of sustainability.

Creative collaboration:
Not only is collaboration our preferred way of doing business, it is essential for creating change in the paper industry, which is burdened by low margins, investments in the existing supply chain, and a shrinking market. In order to launch the first 100% post-consumer recycled book paper in 2001, we collaborated with publishers, paper mills, printers, authors and non-profit groups. It took more than just the Canadian harry Potter series to bring Pioneer Tradebook to market.

We strive to give back through our work, to lead meaningful lives in service to our values and our mission. We celebrate growing community of people who believe business should benefit shareholders, society and the environment.

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New Leaf Paper Headquarters

800 S Broadway, Ste 209 Walnut Creek CA United States 94596


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