Impact Makers

Richmond, VA
Management & Consulting
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$5M - 50M USD
Ownership Model
Why we are in business

Our Purpose

Impact Makers’ vision is to transform the way businesses support employees and communities, and to proliferate their business model to achieve this lofty goal. Their specific model turns profits into wealth creation for the community rather than for shareholders.

Impact Makers is a for profit company that has gifted its ownership to the community and contributes 100% of its net profits to charities over the life of the company.

Impact Makers maintains a rare “triple bottom-line,” which consists of social impact, environmental impact, and profit margin. We compete on the basis of providing cutting-edge management and technology solutions to our clients, directing the fruits of our success to doing social good, and providing meaningful purpose to our employees.

In an industry that rarely sees disruption, Impact Makers is revolutionizing consulting. Every Impact Makers’ employee, whether executive, consultant, or assistant, is individually and collectively making impact, thus “democratizing philanthropy.” This motivates every !m-er every day. Impact Makers’ growth has been outpacing competitors ever since we started a decade ago, and it doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. Studies have shown that teams motivated by mission outperform those driven by profit alone, delivering both tangible and intangible value. Impact Makers is bolstering that argument in a big way.

Michael Pirron’s ultimate goal, beyond all the community giving, is to inspire more social enterprises like !m. Never meant to be an outlier, Impact Makers wants to be a catalyst to change the way business is done. To that end, we are a founding B Corp member with a “B Keeper” on staff to help inspire our business community and tell the Impact Makers’ story.

Business is changing the world for better. Will you join the revolution?

How we operate

Our Practices

We strive to operate our business in a way that maximizes benefit to all life impacted, and to share our practices to inspire other companies to do the same.

What we impact

Our Performance


Why you would want to work for our company

Work is More Than Just a (Nice) Paycheck

We know hiring and keeping the right people means taking care of them and theirs. Our competitive salary and robust benefits package all tie back to our values.

Every hour worked and every contract fulfilled goes back to the community. And this is after we take care of our employees with competitive salary and robust benefits. This is a win for the community, a win for your family, and a win for your career.

Imagine working on teams who are all inspired and driven by our mission to improve the communities we work in, who understand doing a great job for the client is a big win for the community.

(Terms like “dream scenario” and “game changer” are normal reactions.)

Real Opportunities to Serve Real People

Not only does every contract fulfilled support the community, but as an Impact Maker, you have the opportunity to make individual contributions. Our people are provided pro bono hours they are highly encouraged to use with our community partners to maintain a direct connection to the community.

Where to find us

Impact Makers

1707 Summit Avenue, Suite 201 Richmond VA United States 23230

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