Onboarding Employees for a Purpose-Driven Career

In 2012 we launched a new process to effectively facilitate the transition of new employees to Vancity. This process, which is aligned with industry best practices, was developed with input from employees and leaders across Vancity. We also redesigned our recruitment process to attract diversified employees who are aligned with our vision and values, and have the skills and capability to perform their job.

Upon joining Vancity, the first step in the onboarding process for new employees is attending a week-long orientation immersion program to help them understand our vision. Through all-day classes and activities, including visits to Vancity member businesses, branches and call centres, new employees gain an understanding of how Vancity is making a difference for our members and communities and become well-versed in understanding and meeting the financial needs of members. The program includes an option for employees who decide they’re not a fit with Vancity to opt out at the end of the week, with a small amount of compensation for their time.