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San Francisco, CA
Environmental Services
Legal Structure
$500M - $1B USD
Ownership Model
Employee owned (esop)
Why we are in business

Our Purpose

Recology is redefining the waste industry by finding new ways to process and reuse what was once considered waste – or, as we like to say, “achieving the best and highest use of all resources.” The mission of Recology represents a fundamental shift from traditional waste management, away from landfill.

Recology strives to recover more recyclables so that the material can be repurposed into new products; we also place a high importance on transforming organics to nutrient-rich soil amendments or energy. By encouraging sustainable resource recovery practices nationally, Recology hopes to carry out our vision of a world without waste.

How we operate

Our Practices

We strive to operate our business in a way that maximizes benefit to all life impacted, and to share our practices to inspire other companies to do the same.



Clearly defining your mission and demonstrating your commitment to it through a theory of change that drives your strategy, impact measurements that track your progress, incentives that keep purpose a priority, and/or a legal structure that ensure social and environmental objectives are upheld.



Going beyond monetary compensation to provide exceptional care for the people powering your business; including healthy food offerings, extraordinary office amenities, full health coverage, education subsidies, an inspiring work environment, etc.


Employee Growth

An ecosystem for workers to constantly grow, learn, utilize their strengths, and advance towards their personal and professional goals.



Financial compensation that fairly considers the living expenses of workers, producers, and suppliers, and also fairly rewards all workers, owners and executives who make significant contributions to the company’s success. (profit sharing, employee ownership, etc.)



Thriving towards carbon neutrality through energy minimization and monitoring, renewable energy sources, eco-friendly transport, and purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions.


Water & Waste

Thriving to achieve zero waste through recycling and reusing initiatives, composting and water conservation, and tracking progress towards set reduction targets.



Earth-friendly materials used to operate the company (i.e. recycled paper) to construct and furnish offices and facilities (i.e. bamboo flooring), and to produce products and their packaging (i.e. biodegradable materials).

What we impact

Our Performance


What we look for when hiring

Recology looks for individuals who are able to promote our WASTE ZERO philosophy by making the best and highest use of all resources. Recology employee owners believe in our vision and mission, and are willing to help us achieve new milestones, while at the same time are motivated to develop their skills.  Our teams collaborate regularly, which is why we train managers to promote team building and be open to helping various departments with new initiatives.

We live by the following terms to make sure that everyone at Recology GROWs:

  • Giving back to our communities and our environment by volunteering time and resources
  • Recovering resources to achieve their best and highest use
  • Owning a company that does the right things for the right reasons, ensuring that our actions benefit the company, the communities we serve, and our environment.
  • Working together to develop camaraderie and facilitate collaboration. By demonstrating an inclusive attitude that values different backgrounds and ideas, we can get the job done.


Why you would want to work for our company

Recology offers employee owners the opportunity to work with an innovative company that finds and mentors people who are committed to protecting the environment and sustaining our communities. Recology is the largest employee owned resource recovery company in the industry with terrific benefits to help employees prosper. We are a creative and caring culture that values community, diversity, altruism, accountability, collaboration, and learning by doing.

Recology Benefits:

  • becoming an owner in our Company
  • two retirement plans:
    • a supplemental retirement plan through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
    • 401(k) match (up to 3.5% of salary)
  • health and wellness benefits including medical, dental, and vision
  • educational assistance (up to $5,250 per year)
  • a robust employee assistance program with financial guidance, legal assistance, dependent referrals and lots of discounts to a variety of vendors
  • an employee referral program where you can achieve cash incentives (up to $2500 per referral)
  • generous paid time off and paid holidays
  • commuting benefits – we help subsidize the cost to get to work
  • annual wellness incentives (up to $300)

Where to find us


50 California St, 24th Fl San Francisco CA United States 94111

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