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Why we are in business

Our Purpose

More than a third of the world’s drinking water is lost from urban water supply systems. There is no other industry in the world that allows itself to lose 30% of its product and consider this acceptable, yet the water industry has done so for years. Enough clean water to fill two million Olympic-sized swimming pools every year is lost due to inefficiency.

Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, owner of the Arison Group, has always been passionate about catalyzing positive change in the world. Believing that humanity must preserve the abundance of existing fresh water, she established Miya as part of Arison Investments, the business arm of Arison Group, which operates in 40 countries across five continents. Miya is a global leader in urban water efficiency, optimizing water distribution systems and connecting millions of people to the system.

How we operate

Our Practices

We strive to operate our business in a way that maximizes benefit to all life impacted, and to share our practices to inspire other companies to do the same.



Clearly defining your mission and demonstrating your commitment to it through a theory of change that drives your strategy, impact measurements that track your progress, incentives that keep purpose a priority, and/or a legal structure that ensure social and environmental objectives are upheld.

  • Purpose-First Miya

    Cut Water Waste Cut Water Waste

    Water is a valuable resource, yet more than a third of the world’s drinking water is lost from urban water supply systems. No other industry allows itself to lose 30% of its product and term this acceptable, yet the water industry has done so for years. Imagine that you run a company that sells bottled…

    Purpose-First Miya


Going beyond monetary compensation to provide exceptional care for the people powering your business; including healthy food offerings, extraordinary office amenities, full health coverage, education subsidies, an inspiring work environment, etc.



A purpose-driven company culture that engages team members in accomplishing the company mission, fosters co-worker collaboration, and hires people deeply aligned with the company mission and values.


Water & Waste

Thriving to achieve zero waste through recycling and reusing initiatives, composting and water conservation, and tracking progress towards set reduction targets.


Caring Through

Caring for mission-aligned causes by generously sharing business resources such as your products and services, meeting space, excess materials, media exposure, company best practices, and employee time and talent.



Choosing suppliers, distributors and other partners that share your commitment to creating a better world and adhere to clearly defined social and environmental standards.

What we impact

Our Performance


What we look for when hiring

We look for people who are hard working, reliable and independent, with a passion for ensuring an abundance of fresh water.

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46a Avenue J-F Kennedy, 1855 Ettelbruck, Luxembourg


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