• Our Purpose

    We exist to accelerate the transition to a for-benefit economy: an economy that grows love, promotes unity, and cares for the one planet we call home.

  • Our Mission

    A critical mass of thriving for-benefit businesses in every major city in the world

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Bucky Fuller

Here’s how we help you
reinvent the world.

GameChangers 500

Accelerating best practice sharing
A New List for a New Era in Business

Lists like the Fortune 500 have implied that success in business is based on maximizing revenue. By creating GameChangers 500 we are building aspiration for a new breed of organizations—organizations that define themselves as For-Benefit rather than For-Profit, and utilize business to not only make money but to also make the world a better place. GC500 is an annual ranking of the world’s top for-benefit businesses, published by Conscious Company magazine and shared by a growing list of global media partners.

Best Practices for All

GameChangers.co ranks the world’s top for-benefit organizations and makes their best practices easily searchable, giving entrepreneurs and executives access to best-in-class methods that have been proven to create meaningful impact while maintaining a financially successful organization.

GameChangers Ignite

Accelerate the growth of for-benefit businesses
Training Camp

A two day training designed to educate and enroll organizations into the For-Benefit model of business. You’ll learn the defining characteristics established by a 180+ person research council, the 11 best practice categories that for-benefit businesses focus on, and learn best practices from famous for-benefit brands such as how they built award winning cultures, created zero-waste operations, and outpaced their for-profit peers as a result.

Local Change as a means to Global Change

Two day Training Camps are held in targeted cities with the objective of influencing a critical mass of local businesses to commit to for-benefit practices. In doing so, a regional ecosystem of support services—capital, consulting, certifications—can more easily form to accelerate the transition to a for-benefit economy, and leave a case study for other cities to follow.

Rewards & Incentives

Until federal policy is changed there are no tax incentives for businesses to choose a for-benefit model over a traditional for-profit. We’ve built GameChangers.co using gaming dynamics to boost intrinsic motivation, guide direction, and allow you to have a little more fun. Qualified member organizations are guided to follow for-benefit business practices, and awarded for sharing them. The more for-benefit your business is, the more rewards you earn. Land within the top 500 and earn a spot on the annual GC500 list, published by Conscious Company magazine and shared by dozens of global media partners.

GameChangers Unite

Accelerating the construction of a for-benefit economy
Drafting the blueprint

We are synthesizing thought leadership on system change into a simple and visually beautiful blueprint to help empower people and organizations to find their role and seek collaboration. To date we have participated in and hosted convenings with the Fetzer Institute, Fourth Sector Network, Pachamama Alliance, OneProject, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Emergence Project, David Korten, Global Footprint Network, and the YK Center. The drafting is underway…

Accelerating the build

We are uniting select GameChangers to solve priority problems that help accelerate the construction of a for-benefit ecosystem. These invite-only multi-day immersions use a patented collaborative design process that has been used by organizations like NASA and Boeing to solve critical problems. Now it’s in the hands of the GameChangers!

Finding collaborators

GameChangers.co includes a growing database of organizations and experts commited to changing the game. Search to find organizations and experts to collaborate with on your Gamechanging quest.

How we measure
our success.


Number of people and companies declaring their commitment to be a GameChanger


Number of best practice badges organizations have earned as a result of joining GameChangers


Collective revenue growth of companies in the GameChanger league


Percentage of companies reporting that joining the GameChangers League has been one for their best investments


Capital invested in league participants as a result of the GameChangers capital network


Number of companies enrolled in the GameChangers league


Percentage of league participants that have earned the “verified for-benefit” status


Number of companies, Experts, and Talent profiled on GameChangers.co


Percentage of businesses verified as for-benefit within target cities


Percentage of businesses in target cities reporting that for-benefit businesses attract the best talent and outperform their for-profit peers


Number of media views on content that showcases for-benefit businesses, their practices, and the business case for leading with purpose


Percentage of people within a target city report to understand what a for-benefit business is


Percentage of job seekers in target cities reporting that for-benefit businesses are the best places to work


Dollar value of rewards available for joining the GameChangers League


Number of organizations in a target city that have completed the GameChangers Ignite 2.5 day training

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The greatest problems can’t be solved using the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

Our Tribe

We believe in collaborating rather than competing, empowering the human spirit through self-management, radical autonomy, and strength-based roles. We believe in the power of smartnerships to accomplish more with less. We are all in this together and by serving one, we are serving all.

Core Team
  • Andrew Hewitt

    Product Development (Founder)

  • Alix Tingle


  • Evan Shoemaker


  • Shiloh Boss


  • Reem Fatayarji


  • Rich Van Every


  • Larry Kesslin

    Chief Connector

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  • Vanessa Castro
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  • Adrian Unger
  • Jon Ward
  • David Hopkins
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  • Ian Douglas
  • Vishen Lakhiani
  • David Ho
  • Donald Wong
  • Lucas Selsek
  • The Elevation Group
  • Jean Wu
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  • Marcelo Freire
  • Heerad Sabeti
  • Felicitas Lind
  • Mallory White
  • Gustavo Succi
  • Sanjiv Sidhu
  • Vince Vanynh
  • Rico Pichardo
  • Mike Daciw
  • Paul Lamb
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  • Marissa Holmwood
  • Larry Morando
  • Eric Lochtefeld
  • Greg Crossfield
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