Using Materials Mindfully

We strive to understand the impact of all our business decisions, including the everyday materials we use. Our Brand Design team creates Etsy’s functional, promotional, and marketing materials—from tote bags to large trade show displays.

In accordance with our values, the team challenges themselves to approach each project with sustainability in mind. We consider the materials, manufacturing processes, and the life cycles of each item they produce, arriving at an eco-conscious low-impact design that is elegant and beautiful. We use 100% post-consumer recycled and chlorine-free paper for the majority of printed materials in the U.S., and 100% post-industrial recycled and formaldehyde-free MDF wood for packaging and build-outs.

The team also accounts for the environmental impact of shipping. When possible they produce materials locally, minimizing the distance between maker and end user. We build for the long term by making sure products are durable and can be used for multiple projects (rather than single-use or disposable items). The team also creatively repurpose and reconfigure items whenever possible, to avoid creating materials from scratch.