Sustainability Advisory Council

Their purpose is to advise the company on our mission to inspire and reward smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future.

As we grew our business, creating innovative partnerships, expanding our digital reach and venturing into new conservation and sustainability arenas, we realized it was critical that our long-term commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability be integrated into our governance, management and daily business operations.

We’ve assembled a diverse and respected group of individuals to serve on our Sustainability Advisory Council, which is led by our SVP of Community Solutions and Sustainability.

The council tries to meet each year to discuss major relevant environmental initiatives and to address how Recyclebank can continue to fulfill its mission.

Beyond standard meetings, the Sustainability Advisory Council communicates throughout the year, counseling the Recyclebank executive team on how to evolve our company’s products, partnerships and sustainability programs.

Recyclebank often calls upon the council for guidance on company initiatives and seeks advice on implementing strategies to further engage communities in its programs.