Sharing The Wealth

When setting team goals we set a minimum, target, and outrageous goal. If the outrageous goal is hit, then all employees that have been working at Mindvalley for more than 3 months will get something awesome bought for them on behalf of the company, like an iPhone or iPad.

We also have a bonus sharing plan, whereby every quarter part of our profit is distributed among employees. The percentage employees receive is based on tenure.

10% of all our profits every quarter are distributed to employees. The company also shares all financial data with the employees every quarter – they know when we make loss and when we make a profit. Whenever we experience high profitability, employees are rewarded in bonus and in kind.

As for salary compensation, we allow employees of all positions, if not their respective managers, to write in to the CEO whenever they feel they deserve a raise. Salaries are reevaluated every three months, but on average, everyone gets a raise every year and are paid according to the industry rate in Malaysia.