Repurposing for a Purpose

Relan, who began in 1995 as a boutique lifestyle company that repurposed banners into fashionable products, has transformed into a world-class company whose mission is to empower individuals to make conscious purchasing decision for sustainable products.

Organizations are learning that customers and employees want the organization’s they buy from and work at to be environmentally responsible. Relan’s products help organizations move beyond fancy slogans and statements and show their commitment to the environment in a unique way.

Relan’s products are created from an organizations billboards and banners; marketing materials that previously were tossed into landfills. When an organization makes the decision to repurpose these materials into cool, engaging products, not only are they diverting these materials from the landfill, but they are also reducing the manufacturing impact of new materials and the transportation costs of importing new materials, which would eventually end up in landfills. The impact from this simple decision is significant, and the products that come out of the repurposed materials are beautiful!