Fun, Low-Cost Ways We Promote Wellness

Taking care of your employees’ health and wellness plays a large part in your employees’ happiness and well-being. Wellness initiatives don’t have to be boring or expensive, you can make them engaging and fun! Here are a few fun, low-cost ways to promote wellness in your company.

Stair/Step Challenges – Nothing beats some healthy competition to get people motivated to exercise. Challenging employees to a stair climbing or step competition is a fun way to get exercise on your employees’ minds.

Endurance Event Reimbursement – Encouraging employees to participate in Fun Runs, 5ks, Half, and full marathons is great, but reimbursing them for their completion of the event is even better! Have your employees verify their completion of the event, and reimburse them on their next paycheck!

Benefit Vendor Fair – Inviting local gyms, health food stores, massage therapists, personal trainers, and other wellness-focused vendors to your office is a great way to promote employees to be more proactive about their health and well-being.

Onsite Fitness Classes – Bringing in instructors for yoga, zumba, pilates, and other fitness classes is a great way for employees to lower their stress levels and build relationships. Having employees teach the classes is even better!

Community Charity Games – Organizing a community flag football or basketball game is a great way to get employees active and a great way to build relationships within your organization and the community. Many communities also host Corporate Challenge events where companies compete against each other in several different events ranging from swimming and track & field, to trampoline dodgeball and fencing.

Wellness Points / Giveaways – Incentivize employees by awarding points for participating in wellness events. At Zappos, when employees reach specific point milestones they are awarded prizes or raffle tickets. Keeping a leaderboard is also a fun way of recognizing employees who are actively engaging in the events.

Here are some things Zapponians had to say about Zappos Wellness Programs.

“I’ve done 13 endurance events this year, and I’m signed up for 4 more, including the Zappos ½ of the Half marathon. My goal is to hit 20 events for the year, and I’m on track to hit that goal. Last year I only did 3 or 4 events total, so this has definitely encouraged me to participate in more events, even mud runs and obstacle courses that I probably wouldn’t have signed up for without having this benefit. I even earned a sweet Z’Endurance running jacket after I did 10 events!”

“The event reimbursement program encourages employees to sign up for endurance events, and then you start to hear people talking about the event around the office and on social media. I saw an email from the group who was organizing teams for the Ragnar Relay because a couple people had dropped out. I thought it would be a fun way to meet new people from around the company and hang out with them outside of work.”

“The wellness fair was a great way to learn about health services in the area, and the body composition test really opened my eyes and motivated me to start taking more care of myself.”