Reinventing Traditional Workplaces

Imagine that your organization set a bold goal of positively influencing 1 billion lives by 2050. What type of spillover would this have on the way your organization operated internally every day? Additionally, how would this alter the way your company treated its stakeholders?

Thanks to the game-changing work of Mindvalley, a leading digital publisher in personal growth, they’ve set a precedent of how you create one of the most inspired workforces in the world to execute on such a daring mission. Recognizing that happiness is the new productivity, they’ve taken a stand to reinvent the traditional workplace and instead build a culture based on fun, flow, fulfillment and fairness.

Since adopting this innovative model, success compounded and the company grew by 400% within two years. They’ve received The Worldblu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ every year since 2008. Known for its unique company culture that includes a stunning office (as voted by Inc Magazine readers into the World’s Coolest Workplace List in 2012), a state of the art training center, weekly Awesomeness Reports, the annual Team Retreat and over 20 different cultural parties and theme days.

Their dynamic, fun and purpose-driven work culture has helped them attract applications from over 30 different countries.