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Could we ask for a better example of a for-benefit business?

Etsy — the world’s human, authentic global and local marketplace, has built a people-powered economy with 22.6 million active buyers, 1.5 million active sellers, over 800 employees, and 1.93 billion gross merchandise sales in 2014.

These numbers are not what define Etsy’s success, but rather the commitment to its mission that remains at the core of its identity. Etsy’s mission is woven into the decisions it makes for the long-term health of its ecosystem, from the sourcing of office supplies to employee benefits to the items sold in the Etsy marketplace. Proving that doing good is good for business.

GameChangers 500 recognizes Etsy as one of the world’s top 500 for-benefit organizations, honoring them not only for creating a thriving marketplace for artists, but also for building a company that is changing the game of business from maximizing profit at-all-cost to maximizing benefit to people and the planet.

Etsy’s Featured Profile is full of their amazing best practices for you to learn from – click below to see more!