Helping Talent Realize Their Dreams

A dream of one of Crowdstaffing’s recruiting partners was to meet her clients in the United States. Crowdstaffing’s program made that possible. She packed her bags and went on a month-long journey across the eastern region of the country. She met with her client for a two-hour conference, and then spent the rest of her time enjoying the beaches of Miami, discovering the wonders of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., absorbing the beauty of New York from atop the Statue of Liberty, and bringing back six bags of new clothes (and two more full of shoes).

With this program we are helping our recruiters realize their dreams.

Turning traditional models upside down is what Crowdstaffing has done to the staffing industry. They are changing the game by inspiring their recruiter partners to become entrepreneurs, through an evolutionary profit-sharing program.

GameChangers recognizes Crowdstaffing as one of the world’s top For-Benefit organizations, honoring them not only for transforming the nature of staffing, but also for building a company that is changing the game of business from maximizing profit at-all-cost to maximizing benefit to people and the planet.