We, the undersigned, having witnessed the monumental progress that business has generated for human society, as well as its destructive impacts, do hereby declare our commitment to ushering in a new economy in which business is conducted for the benefit of all life and the planet that sustains it.

  1. We Believe…

    That doing good is good for business.

    That leading with purpose improves performance.

    That long-term profitability is generated by incentivizing long-term decisions.

    That people should be treated as human beings, not human resources.

    That the environment and all living species should be protected and cherished.

    That leaders should be supported and rewarded for prioritizing purpose-driven endeavors.

    That customers, suppliers, investors and all stakeholders should be treated with dignity, empathy, and love.

    That communities in which businesses operate should be positively impacted by their presence.

    That people should have a fair stake in the rewards of their work, and a voice in decisions that affect them.

    That our interdependence compels us to join together to bring forth a sustainable and thriving world, for all life and for future generations.

  2. We Commit…

    To conducting our business in accordance with these values, and to embedding them into the structures of our business to ensure an enduring commitment.

    To aligning our products, practices, and profits with our vision of a thriving world that works for all.

    To measuring our impact not just on financial shareholders, but on all stakeholders, and to publicly sharing our outcomes.

    To supporting fellow for-benefit businesses by sharing best practices, buying their products, and collaborating wherever our missions align.

  3. We Call For…

    Government leaders to support this new economy with policies that legally distinguish, empower, and incentivize for-benefit enterprises.

    Individuals to support for-benefit enterprises by buying their products, investing in their efforts, and seeking employment at their companies.

    Business leaders and entrepreneurs to consider the overwhelmingly positive economic, environmental, and social impact of the for-benefit business model, and to join us in creating a thriving world that works for all life.

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