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    Is your company purpose-first? This assessment will set the record straight.

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Purpose —why you are in business

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Practices —how you operate

Complete the short badge assessments below to determine how many for-benefit practices your business is following.

  • Purpose First

    Clearly defining your mission and demonstrating your commitment to it through a theory of change that drives your strategy, impact measurements that track your progress, incentives that keep purpose a priority, and/or a legal structure that ensure social and environmental objectives are upheld.

  • Benevolent Benefits

    Going beyond monetary compensation to provide exceptional care for the people powering your business; including healthy food offerings, extraordinary office amenities, full health coverage, education subsidies, an inspiring work environment, etc.

  • Employee Growth Ecosystem

    An ecosystem for workers to constantly grow, learn, utilize their strength, and advance towards their personal and professional goals.

  • Tribe Culture

    A purpose-driven company culture that engages team members in accomplishing the company mission, fosters co-worker collaboration, and hires people deeply aligned with the company mission and values.

  • Freedom-Focused Workplace

    A workplace that focuses on creating freedom and minimizing fear by reducing the centralization of power, supports self-management, and encourages radical transparency, inclusion, feedback, and fairness.

  • Considerate Compensation

    Financial compensation that fairly considers the living expenses of workers, producers, and suppliers, and also fairly rewards all workers, owners and executives who make significant contributions to the company's success. (profit sharing, employee ownership, etc.)

  • Remarkable Customer Care

    Demonstrating genuine care for your customers through a graceful purchasing process, extraordinary support, quality guarantees, and other acts of kindness that leave your customers remarking about the experience.

  • Water & Waste Minimizer

    Thriving towards carbon neutrality through energy minimization and monitoring, renewable energy sources, eco-friendly transport, and purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions.

  • Earth-Friendly Energy

    Thriving to achieve zero waste through recycling and reusing initiatives, composting and water conservation, and tracking progress towards set reduction targets.

  • Eco-Minded Materials

    Earth-friendly materials used to operate the company (i.e. recycled paper), to construct and furnish offices and facilities (i.e. bamboo flooring), and to produce products and their packaging (i.e. biodegradable materials).

  • Caring Through Sharing

    Caring for mission-aligned causes by generously sharing business resources such as your products and services, meeting space, excess materials, media exposure, company best practices, and employee time and talent.

  • Planet-friendly Partners

    Choosing suppliers, distributors and other partners that share your commitment to creating a better world and adhere to clearly defined social and environmental standards.

Performance —what impact your business creates

A for-benefit business measures performance across a triple bottom line: People + Planet + Profit. Get started by completing the assessments below.

  • Global Goals Contribution Assessment

    This assesses how much your business is contributing to the Global Goals initiative and how it compares to others in your industry.

  • B-Impact Assessment

    This ~30 min assessment determines how your company's positive impact stakes up against thousands of other businesses.

  • Financial Strength Assessment

    This simple assessment is based on revenue growth over a three year period.