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Why we are in business

Our Purpose

We started IMPCT for a single purpose, to bring life changing early education to children and families in developing world urban slums. We developed the Playcare, a preschool franchise designed to be owned and operated by local women for their communities. When we started looking for ways to raise capital to invest in these women we started looking towards sourcing and selling local products. Using the proceeds from the sales of local products had the double benefit of creating economic opportunity within the community and supporting the construction of our Playcare schools.

Given where we work in Latin America and Africa specialty coffee was the obvious choice as one of major export of particularly vulnerable communities. Our “Coffee for the Future” program was designed to get people to expect more from their products. We transparently invest 100% of sales (not profits or a margin thereof) into building our Playcares in the communities and countries we source from. Every box of coffee we sell is designed to represent a brick to build these schools. On our new bricks.forthefuture.co platform you can claim and lay that brick on an upcoming Playcare of your choice to become a founder of that school. You’ll receive updates about its construction and operations, showing you the impact a small choice like drinking the right coffee can create.

How we operate

Our Practices

We strive to operate our business in a way that maximizes benefit to all life impacted, and to share our practices to inspire other companies to do the same.


What we look for when hiring

All of our team members are characterized by one prevailing trait: thoughtfulness. We search for thoughtful individuals because its dual meanings capture everything we’re looking for in team members.

Thoughtfulness can be turned outwards, towards others, from an understanding that one’s blessings and talents are best used in service of those less lucky than themselves. This kind of thoughtfulness underpins everything we do. We’re built on top of the simple idea that luck shouldn’t determine one’s success in life and that it’s our task to build the kind of institutions that fight this. Everything we do from our product sourcing model to how we invest in women to build schools arises from these beliefs. Fulfilling this mission means having an organization staffed with people who will make no compromises in the pursuit of creating real impact.

Thoughtfulness can also be turned inwards, towards our own ideas. We look for thoughtful individuals who are constantly examining their own (and our company’s) assumptions. At our organization we see all truth as provisional and constantly try to discover the ways in which we’re mistaken, frequently changing and fine-tuning our model to adapt to and reflect reality. We want individuals who will continuously question, think, and debate – using their unique viewpoint to help our organization best achieve its mission.




Why you would want to work for our company

Put simply, because we hire entrepreneurs and treat our team members like it. We firmly believe that the best employees are those using skill sets they’ve developed themselves working towards ends they’ve set and personally believe in. For this reason we generally don’t hire for specific functions or roles. We find talented and passionate people we want to work with and let them carve a niche out within our organization. In this sense our organization is more so shaped and guided by the nature of the people we choose to work with than by some set of top down processes.

Stemming from this is a demanding but flexible work environment. You’ll see people in the office at all hours helping with whatever tasks they think they can personally add value to, knowing that their efforts directly translate into true impact in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Where to find us


Taipei 106, Taiwan

Other Locations

  • San Salvador
  • Cape Town
  • Guatemala City

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